Delcam partmaker 2015 r1 sp1 (x86 x64) multilingual

Скриншоты Delcam partmaker 2015 r1 sp1 (x86 x64) multilingual:

Delcam PartMaker 2015 R1 SP1 (x86/x64) Multilingual | 685.5 MB

PartMaker uses patented visual programming, which makes it possible to make the program faster and easier.
This technique consists in the separation of complex parts to simple surgery. Each treated surface is programmed in a separate window, and subject to a visual simulation of the machine.
Further operations are combined and synchronized.
Built-in knowledge base allows you to define a set of tools applied to preferred cutting modes for specific materials, you can create and store the machining cycles, the sequence of transitions.
PartMaker imports files SolidWorks, Solid Edge, AutoCAD, Pro / E, Unigraphics, and standard formats support Parasolid, STL, DXF
Modules Delcam PartMaker
PartMaker SwissCAM
The module is used for the automatic preparation of programs for machines with CNC longitudinal turning (Swiss-type).
These machines are used in mass production, and especially on the handling of the machine is the high concentration of the transition to a single operation.
At the same time it can be involved two spindles and a few tools. The working area of ??the machine is full of tool holders and turrets, and it is important to synchronize their work with the aim of achieving maximum performance.
Library postprocessors includes most famous machines companies Citizen, Star, Tornos, Tsugami, Gildemeister, Traub, Hardinge and others.
PartMaker Mill
The module for the preparation of programs for 2.5, 3, 4 and 5-axis machines.
A set of proposed strategies is sufficient to carry out the full details of treatment.
Roughing strategies:
- Processing zigzag
- Processing equidistant offset
Finishing strategies:
- Lowercase treatment
- Equidistant processing
- Radial processing
- Layered processing
- Spiral processing
- Processing planes equidistant raster or offset
- Processing flat areas
Strategy Revised:
- Finalization of the angles
- Pencil completion
- Combined revision
PartMaker Turn
Module training programs for CNC lathes.
Visual representation of operations and turning tool makes it easy to learn the system and identify programming errors during program preparation.
The screen continuously displays all necessary parameters - cutting depth, cutting data.
PartMaker Turn / Mill
Module for programming of turning and milling machines.
The software helps the technologist to split a complex part to a set of elementary surfaces, which are assigned separate operations turning, drilling or milling.
The module has the following features:
- Processing of pockets with any number of projections
- Contour milling
- 4-axis continuous milling or positional
- Work in linear, cylindrical or polar coordinate system
- Engraving
- Roughing and finishing of the outer and inner diameters
- Contouring groove cutters
- Drilling, threading and boring cycles
- Turning grooves of any shape
- Threading of any profile
- Programming bar feed
- Work with protivoshpindelem
The module supports the programming of multi-tasking turning and milling centers with synchronized spindle, turrets and milling head.
The timing diagram shows the sequence of the executive bodies of the machine.
PartMaker Wire EDM
Module for programming wire EDM machines. The module provides an intuitive programming using knowledge bases, which stores information on the wire material and processing modes and strategies.
The module supports most of the known machines such as Mitsubishi, Sodick, Charmilles and others
Year / Release Date: 2015
Version: 2015 R1 SP1 (CB 1049916)



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