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Vintage Horns KONTAKT
P2P | 11.03.2019 | 2.36 GB

Vintage Horns is a horn section virtual instrument that gives you every instrument you need to emulate the classic horn section sounds of R&B, Soul, and Funk bands from the ’60s and ’70s. It is available for Kontakt Player 5. As with its sister product, Vintage VI, the goal for Vintage Horns was not to create a shiny, perfect-sounding virtual instrument. Instead, we tried to capture the way horn sections sounded back in the 60s and 70s, including the minor imperfections that added character to those sections and made them sound so good.
With Vintage Horns you can recreate the most popular horn section sounds of the ’60s and ’70s, including:
– The Memphis Soul horn section, which typically used a single trumpet with one tenor sax and occasionally a bari sax
– The famous horn section sound of the JBs, which featured trombone, trumpet, alto sax, tenor sax, and bari sax
– The classic big production sound of Detroit Soul
– The Philly Soul sound, with flutes and flugel horn
– And the powerful Oakland Soul sound, with bari sax, 2 tenor saxes, trombone, and two trumpet switching to flugel horns on ballads

The Vintage Horns Kontakt Player version contains nine instruments patches, each with keyswitches to control Long notes, Short notes, Stabs, Falls, and Swells. For brass and reeds, we also included Sforzando samples. Also included are sixteen multis that give you access to pre-made sections to emulate the sound of classic horn sections and a few basic sections as well. Vintage Horns features nine multi-sampled brass and wood wind instruments:
– Alto Flute
– Alto Sax
– Baritone Sax
– Flugelhorn
– Soparano Flute
– Tenor Sax
– Soprano Sax
– Tenor Sax
– Trombone
– Trumpet Mute
– Trumpet Open

– All Brass Section
– All Flute Section
– All Sax Section
– Big Band Section
– BS&T Jazz Rock Section
– Detroit Soul Big Section
– Detroit Soul Small Section
– JBs Section
– Memphis Soul Section
– Oakland Soul Ballad Section
– Oakland Soul Big Section
– Philly Soul Ballad Section
– Philly Soul Big Section
– Retro Latin Big Band Section
– Soul Jazz Section #1
– Soul Jazz Section #2


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